Pioneer offers five different options. Each wood species offer its own distinct grain pattern, texture and overall appearance.


Cherry’s natural color, while stunning from the beginning, continues to enrich as time passes and is most apparent in clear or light stain finishes. Cherry is a multi-colored wood characterized by pin knots and shades of red, white and brown. With time, darker tones will turn a deep reddish brown, while light areas will mellow to medium yellow and brown.


Predominately off-white in color, maple is a smooth, closed-grain wood that may contain shades of brown and pink. Other characteristics include occasional fine dark mineral streaks, small black knots or “bird’s eye.” Maple accepts a variety of stain colors, although a random “blotchy” pattern may occur with medium and dark stains that add to the character of this warm wood.


Hickory is a very “wild” wood known for its wide variation in color that can range from white to dark brown with wormholes and black knots. A clear or light stain will maximize the color variations, while darker stain selections will give this wood distinguishing characteristics all its own.


White oak offers colors from beige, light/medium brown to gray. Rift cut white oak has a grain pattern that is relatively straight, but the spacing between the grain will vary. Angled grain will occasionally be present, especially in longer board lengths. Limited amounts of pin knots, flake and mineral streaks may be observed.


Because of the lack of discernable wood grain, our preferred substrate to “paint” is our premium StayCor material. StayCor provides an excellent surface for smooth, painted finishes. It is much more stable than solid wood and due to the nature of its construction, minimizes warped doors. Pioneer’s painted cabinetry is our very durable catalyzed varnish top coat tinted to one of our paint colors.

We will also paint any of our wood species listed above. Those with wood grain will see the grain transfer thru the paint. Be aware, as with all manufacturers’ painted products, homeowners should expect minor cracking of the painted finish at all wood joints. Minor cracks of this nature will not be replaced under warranty.