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Can I order a Pioneer Cabinetry Price List?
Each Pioneer Cabinetry authorized dealer establishes their own pricing. Pricing will reflect shipping and handling costs to their specific area. Calculating a price for a cabinet is complex, depending on the size you need, as well as the storage and decorative options you select. Please consult one of our authorized dealers.
Can I purchase Pioneer cabinetry for every room in my house?
Pioneer cabinetry is available for basically anywhere in your home where you want beautiful customized furniture – not just your kitchen. Check out our galleries to see where Pioneer Cabinetry cabinets are being installed. If you have an idea or need, please consult with one of our dealers. Visit our Dealer Locator page for more information.
Can I purchase Pioneer Cabinetry online or directly from the factory?
Pioneer Cabinetry is available through more than 110 dealers. We do not sell cabinets directly from our factory or online. Our dealers will provide you their design expertise and the service you will need for your project. For the nearest Pioneer Cabinetry dealer please visit our Dealer Locator page and enter your zip code.
How do I clean and care for my new Pioneer cabinets?
Cleaning for your cabinets is a relatively easy process. For cleaning and maintenance tips, please visit our Quality Care & Support section and read the Cabinetry Care Guide.
What wood materials are available from Pioneer Cabinetry?

We offer many styles in rift cut white oak, maple, hickory, cherry and painted. However, not every style is available in every wood type. Please browse the Learn About Cabinetry section, or request for us to send you a catalog brochure.

Where are Pioneer products assembled?
All our cabinets are assembled and inspected here in the United States in our facilities in Michigan.


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